I'm almost finished updating the links. Also, I've tossed in over 60 photos into a gallery, with more to come. These are not labeled, but should be fairly self-explanatory.

One of the links takes you directly to my YouTube "Zehlendorf" clip from 1971. About 12,000 downloads have been made, with viewers of all age ranges finding it interesting. It is not great art, but documents some scenes of every day life in our corner of Berlin, far from the landmarks that were typically filmed.

Easter 2011 is coming. It hardly seems possible that three years have passed since my memorable weeks in Berlin at Eastertide. I will not forget the experience of attending the little "village" church in Berlin's far corner, Alt-Schmoeckwitz, nor will I forget the concert music in "Pastor Martin Niemoeller's church" the Church of Jesus Christ in Zehlendorf. Berlin is worth a trip at any season.