I took advantage of the extra time off work this week to re-instate more material from my former AT&T Worldnet Personal Web Pages in www.Berlin1969.com . Other than some housekeeping, these were in the Stories/Geschichte area:

  • The story of Barbara Nissman's debut in Berlin. The cold weather we were experiencing in Denver last reminded me of that night.
  • Finished getting the former material into the long story "23rd Hour, 23rd Psalm" and then launched into the never-before-completed section with the sun finally coming up.

The cold weather also reminded me of the YouTube video "Goodbye to 1970" which has some miscellaneous vignettes from New Year's Eve 1971. Or, if you want to see where I was at midnight on this New Year's Eve, I've posted another YouTube video. They're both in my channel on that service (or search for rwrynerson):


Happy New Year!