Two items from the former AT&T Worldnet "Berlin 1969" site have been updated and restored for the current site:

  • "Build Up the Red Army" is an annotated English translation of the founding document of what was to become known as the Red Army Fraction, or Red Army Faction, or the Baader-Meinhof Gang, or the Baader-Meinhof Group, etc. The contents are the same as in the 2001 Worldnet version, which will help scholars who have used this document in footnotes to books and articles. This version is in PDF format, which may be downloaded and saved more easily than the former HTML file.
  • "Demonstrators On the March" is a photo series with brief comments, also now in PDF format rather than the series of individual HTML pages that were used in the Worldnet version. This file is 2.3 MB. While for some that is small, there are readers in places with slow connections or limits on file sizes, so the second half of this series will be provided as a second PDF file, rather than appending it to this one.

The following photo from the 15 Nov 69 demonstration described in Demonstrators on the March characterizes the anxiety which marked the time.


Anxious in Berlin