Walther Funk greets Adolf Hitler

The first three pages are ready for viewing in the Stories/Geschichte section, but first a warning:

I have not received any replies from the heirs of Robert Haberling who was the first owner, so I can't say for sure if there was not more than one suddenly wealthy Robert Haberling in pre-WWI Berlin. I am going to take the approach recommended to me by Kirk Mitchell, cold-case crime specialist for the Denver Post, and that will be to add a note on the next page that labels some paragraphs as "probable". This does not meet academic standards, but unless someone sends me a grant to spend more time in Berlin, or better, if some young Berliner would like to follow up...

The other "continued" stories in the website that are incomplete are also waiting for bits and pieces of additional information. Thank you for your patience.

-- rwr

P.S. A newsreel cameraman caught this scene of the most infamous resident of Sven-Hedin-Strasse 11 congratulating his leader on surviving the 1944 coup attempt. Another possible famous resident went to a concentration camp for the same attempted coup. And the two residents met again in Nürnberg after the war. And that's just SOME of the story unfolding.